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"These shirts are so buttery soft, I wear one every day of the week!"


"Yesterday at the Defeat the Mandates Rally in LA I proudly wore my “America Needs Medical Freedom” shirt. I was front and center stage. I am in some a the video on the Highwire here and there wearing your awesome shirt. A woman in front of me was wearing your “Mandate Vegetables” shirt. I also wore it while I sat unmasked in LAX for hours waiting for my delayed flight home. I own 4 of your shirts and they are my favorites. Thank you for what you are putting out in the world so we can wear important messages to spread truth and invoke questioning in the masses, and thank you for making your messages so comfortable and durable."


"I have five of your shirts and every time I wear one someone stops me to ask where I got it. They are so soft and cute they have become my official freedom-fighting mom uniform"

April S.