Mama Rising is for all the parents rising up to advocate for their children. We do not put blind trust in consumer goods, vaccine products, or doctors who are supposed to know best. We are the researchers, the seekers of truth, the warriors standing together against industry corruption. We do NOT consent, we will NOT comply.
Mama Rising was founded by two sister mama bears simply on a mission to protect their cubs. We wanted to create shirts to be fun and gentle conversation starters and messages that fuel our movement for medical freedom and empowered choice. We want every parent to stand up and be heard. Let us not stay silent as the bandwagon rolls by. Let us not allow fear to govern our bodily autonomy and the future of our children’s health.


Giving back to those who are fighting for our rights is at the heart of our mission. Since establishing Mama Rising in 2019, we have donated to Children’s Health Defense, Justice for Evee, Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN), and OURrescue.


Hi, we’re Gina & Jess, two mama bears and sisters fiercely fighting for medical freedom from two different states.

We started Mama Rising in 2019 after the dark cloud of SB-276 rolled over California. During that time, I (Gina) flew to the Capital twice to rally and lock arms with other mama warriors. We roared our hearts out and even shut down the senate hearing room. We wrote letters, visited our legislators, pleaded to be heard.

Our voices were ignored.

The bill passed, but the fire in my heart for medical freedom raged on. Those moments changed me and I wanted to find a way to make all our voices heard. We knew that whatever laws passed in California would set off a chain reaction for other states to follow and that there would be more mama bears out there desperate to be heard.

Meanwhile in Iowa, several freedoms were also under attack where Jess was involved in a local group, Informed Choice Iowa. After experiencing her own vaccine injury with her son she was learning how to become vocal in the legislative process. She quickly learned that more needed to be done and felt like everyday conversations would have the most impact.

As many freedom fighters know, these conversations aren't easy to have or start sometimes. We saw an opportunity to empower others to talk about medial freedom and to speak their voice, even if it shook. We wanted to empower parents to have those conversations as grassroots understanding is the most powerful way to affect true change. We decided to use our gifts in whatever way we could to speak out.

Six months after starting our business, Covid came into the picture and we thought we were shutting down for good. We quickly realized it was a pysop and then it all made sense, this is how they would usher in mandates for adults and travel.

Our voices got louder and our message spread like wild fire. It wasn’t just about waking people up anymore, it was about signaling to others that they were not alone.

We always hope that our shirts will help be a catalyst for change and understanding and that one day we will live in a world where our children’s medical freedom is respected.